Common Wildlife Nuisances in Delaware and How to Handle Them

Pesky Raccoons: Masters of Mischief

Raccoons are renowned troublemakers in Delaware neighborhoods. Their curiosity and resourcefulness often lead them to raid trash cans and create a mess. To effectively handle raccoon nuisances, it's crucial to employ humane trapping methods. Live traps, strategically placed near their common pathways, can be baited with their preferred food sources. However, it's essential to follow local regulations and ensure that the raccoons are released in suitable habitats away from residential areas.

Sly Squirrels: Aiming for Attics

Squirrels might be charming in the park, but when they start nesting in attics and chewing through electrical wires, they become quite the nuisance. The best approach to dealing with squirrel invasions is exclusion. Identifying and sealing off entry points to your home, combined with using one-way exclusion devices, can guide squirrels out without allowing reentry. Trapping squirrels might also be necessary in some cases, using live traps placed near their entry points.

Skunk Surprises: Unwanted Odors

Skunks are known for their potent defense mechanism

a pungent spray that lingers for days. When they take up residence near homes, their odor becomes a significant issue. Humane trapping methods are again the key. Live traps baited with appropriate food can help capture skunks without triggering their defensive response. Once trapped, skunks should be handled carefully and released far away from residential areas.

Cunning Groundhogs: Digging Dilemmas

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are proficient diggers that can cause damage to lawns, gardens, and even building foundations. When dealing with groundhogs, it's essential to use live traps and position them near the entrance of their burrows. Baiting traps with enticing vegetation can help lure them in. Relocating groundhogs should be done responsibly, ensuring they are released in suitable habitats where they won't pose new problems.


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