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Safe Trapping, Removal and Release
animal & wildlife trapping services
Trapping Foxes by Animal Wildlife Trapping
Trapping Skunks by Animal Wildllide Trapping
Animal & Wildlife Trapping is a member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association
Animal Removal, Rescue, & Relocation

When release is not possible or disease/rabies is suspected, animals are to be taken to local city animal control for humane euthanizing.

Animal & Wildlife Trapping

• Certified wildlife control operator

• Professional and safe trapping, removal
  and release of wildlife.

• Removal of wildlife covers:
   • Foxes
   • Raccoons
   • Squirrels
   • Groundhogs
   • Skunks
   • Opossums
   • Beavers
   • Cats
   • Snakes
   • Bats
   • Birds
   • Pigeon
   • Otter
   • and much more wildlife.

Dead Animal Location, Removal, & Sanitation.

Carcass removal and chimney caps for exclusion and prevention.
Call Dale Sipple at 302-236-1273
1 Gainsboro Drive, Lewes, DE  19958
Animal & Wildlife Trapping
Phone: 302-236-1273
We are located on Lewes, DE serving Delaware, Sussex and Kent Counties.
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